View Full Version : Help: Sony Alpha a450 or Nikon D5000

13-06-10, 10:08 PM
I am a beginner and thinking of purchasing either the Sony Alpha a450 or Nikon D5000. . .Am not sure which camera to go for can someone give me advise please(as these 2 are in my price rang)?

I know the nikon d5000 has hd recording but can we leave that factor out as the recording I will not be using.

Thank You.

22-06-10, 10:19 AM
The Sony A450 is known to have poor build quality whilst when I recently held the D5000 it felt quite bulky at the bag making it difficult to look through the viewfinder. However, both cameras are good cameras and it is worth going to a shop to hold the two cameras and this will really help you decide. Very recently I had definitely decided which camera I was going to buy but when I went to a shop to look at it I didn't like it and the purchased a different camera. So it is vital you have a look in a shop first.