View Full Version : What do you think is better...

Upstream and Me
03-06-10, 01:06 AM
...an image with one star or an image with no stars?

Thinking about it one star means : they took the time to actually view it large and then chose to dislike it.

Whereas on the other hand no stars means : they didn't even bother to click on the thumbnail.

Just thought I'd throw that out there and share it with you to see what you think.

03-06-10, 03:17 PM
I dont think it matters. It is 1 persons view out of hundreds. 5 stars or no stars. If you are happy with your image then who cares. Anyone wanting to give advice on what maybe could be done different would comment and not just 1 star the image. I notice the 1 star voter has given all his 5 stars.