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28-05-10, 07:55 PM

i had a slr camera many years ago but once the body was beyond repair i left photography behind to pursue other hobbies, but i have found myself drawn back to taking photogrpahs through a course i am doing now.

i would like to get another canon camera but even had read the magazine several times over i still remain confused wot to get.

my budget is from 400 - 500 and i had thought to get a second hand eos500D but i dont know if including hdvideo is just confusing me or not. is it worth it? secondly the size of the camera matters a lot to the fell and i recently saw a 450D and found it to be too small for my rather large paws to navigate menus etc.
i weould like to be able to use some images to have printed myself, say up to a4 maybe a3 at a push

i would like a camera that i can grow into, add good lenses (macro/telephoto) which i can then import to ps4 to edit.

so my dilemma is wot should i do? go for a 500d or look at maybe a 5d or similar? HELP!

28-05-10, 09:18 PM
May I suggest that you buy a secondhand 5D for a few more pounds if you can afford it. The camera is excellent and good for large"paws". It will print to the sizes you want and you can get good glass for it. I love my 5D and dont want movies either. I understand that it costs nothing to include movies so thats why they are there in the new models. A full frame camera will give you great quality. However if you want sport or wildlife you would be well advised to look at the 1.6 crop factor on the 500 and maybe 550D cameras.
Hope that helps.:)

29-05-10, 03:07 PM
"look at the 1.6 crop factor on the 500 and maybe 550D cameras"

thx for the advice jennifer, could you explain the effect of crop factors plz ? ? ?

29-05-10, 04:19 PM
i know what you mean about going back to photography i went away from a slr and i have now just purchased a 550d, i spent a lot of time on research and also touchy fealy before i settled on the 550d. i am not disappointed

29-05-10, 04:42 PM
one of the problems is i have no professional photography shops nearby. there had been an excellent one in ballymena, northern ireland, but they sadly have gone under, which i guess would leave me lokoing to belfast or some other spot.

tbh the 550d was the one i was thinking of, but me budget wont stretch that far.

is the hdvid worth it?

or should i try and stretch???

ta wave

30-05-10, 08:48 PM
Be careful when you get another camera photography becomes very addictive very fast :D

31-05-10, 06:53 AM
when i started looking it was 500d at the time when the 550d came out as far as i was concerned it was no contest 550d and as i said not disappointed at all

31-05-10, 07:40 AM
Sony offer DSLRs with great features too. In your price range there is the A450 and the A500 both which are great cameras. If you are willing to stretch your budget there is the Sony A550 which is fantastic. It has 7fps, 3" screen, 14.2mp, up to 12800 ISO and is great value for money. Sony also offer a large amount of accessories at often lower prices than other makes. They do also offer cash back on some models, lenses and accessories.