View Full Version : I dont know what to buy ??

16-05-10, 05:22 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of buying DSLR, I'm the very beginner and I have never had any dslr before.
I would be very thankful for any suggestions.
I read some info about Nikon 3000 but Im not sure is it really good for me, as a lerner.

thanks for any advice,
ps sorry about my english.

Orchid ;)

21-05-10, 11:22 AM
Hi orchid

The D3000 is a nice basic camera , it is small, light and accoring to ken rockwell the worst nikon dslr ever made .

this dlsr requires AF-S lenses (lenses with onboard autofocus moter) or HSM from sigma
the bigger sister the D5000 is a part of it's own you either like it (with the swiffel screen) or hate it . well i am in the hate camp. Lucky for my i could buy a nice D80 second hand.

Well my advice is to see if you could buy either a D40 or D40c or D60 in the budget sections on internet , be aware that the 3 models also need a af-s lenses to autofocus

if you have shot with a compact digital camera or pehaps even a film camera than if you like second hand a D70 / d70's or D80 might do it .

new there are the D90 and many many expensive others

i have a nice set of gear and most of it is bought secondhand .

if you like i can send you a pdf what to investigate and how to investigate and why to investigate.

believe me that even I can be fooled , lucky for me i saw it before snapping the item on sale.