View Full Version : Sony announce a new camera system

11-05-10, 09:11 AM
Sony has finally confirmed the rumours which have been swirling for a few months now and made the NEX-5 official. There's no price as yet, but WDC Editor Nigel Atherton has been out in Croatia trying the camera out; http://whatdigitalcamera.co.uk/news/454451/sony-launches-new-nex-series-micro-camera-system.html

What do you think of the camera? Will it revolutionise digital stills as we know it, or simply be lost in the glut of micro four thirds models currently available? Discuss....

Paul Nuttall
11-05-10, 12:17 PM
The specifications look good, but the main thing that strikes me about the models is their size. The look really thin and pocketable, and considering that that is one of the main draws of the MFT / Interchangable lens market, should make them very popular. You do wonder how they're going to handle though with, say, an 18-200mm attached!

11-05-10, 10:07 PM

How come it's always the editors that get holidays and a new cameras to play with?:rolleyes:

Just kidding....cameras look very interesting. Not sure I want one other than for gadget appeal but by the looks of the pics it has that in spades. A bit sleeker and more elegant than the competition?