View Full Version : First DSLR not much money

29-04-10, 07:35 PM
Hey, i'm getting my first DSLR but i can't find some good ones that are around 200-300, I may be willing to stretch it but I'm finding difficulty picking one, i was thinking of the Canon EOS 450d but it just seems a bit too much.
can anyone help?

Nigel Atherton
29-04-10, 11:29 PM
There's not a lot of choice for under 300. There seems only 2 that you can consistently find, with a lens, for this price: the Sony Alpha 230, and Olympus E420. Of these the Olympus is very small but the Sony has built in image stabilisation and a good beginner-friendly user interface. I'd go into a shop and check both of them out.