View Full Version : Canon 1000D Vs. Nikon D3000

25-04-10, 07:13 PM
Hi Guys,

I'm new to the whole DSLR thing and have been looking at some of the other threads on here regarding which camera is best for a newbie.

I have read that some of you are dismissing the Sony Alpha A230s and A380s. Is this the general opinion? Being new I have actually been considering one of these Sonys but now I think I will forget the idea.

I do not have thousands to spend and will mainly be shooting static shots (Im a garden designer). I see from some of the threads that the names that keep popping up are Canon 1000D and Nikon D3000. Could anyone shed some light as to which of these might be most suitable?

I am not really interested in video but I am interested in producing very high quality images that can be blown up to large sizes for display.

I like the idea of LiveView and believe that the Nikon does not have this, is this true? But I see that the Nikon has a larger screen which I also like the sound of!!! Confused!!!