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25-04-10, 12:56 AM
Hi Guys,

As you can tell from the title I'm a newbie, apologies if this a common question but I need some independent (if that exists) learned advice on which camera would be suitable for a starter.

I've been looking at (online) :

Canon 500D
Canon 550D
Nikon D90
Nikon D5000
Pentax K-x
Sony Alpha 500

But I am open to suggestions other than these 6, in fact any manufacturers.

I suspect I will be shooting various situations from portraits to sports, during my learning curve.
I doubt I will be using the video capture either, but maybe a nice to have.

I don't want to spend more than 1000 but the less the better & would like a bigger lens than the standard 18-55mm.

Looking forward to your replies.



26-04-10, 02:38 PM
Hi Sesame

There's a summary of some of the recent digial SLRs that we recommend here: http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/equipment/advice/428838/best-digital-slr-cameras-2010.html

Hope this helps.


26-04-10, 08:09 PM
Thanks for you reply Karen, I was starting to lose hope...

The problem I've gpt is the D90 is an older camera in comparison to the rest of the list and reviews for it are from late 2008