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22-04-10, 07:37 PM
My cousin wants to take pictures of himself with the massive fishes he catches, he usually fishes on his own.

He had some specs so I looked in the net and there were just too many cameras to go through and I got lost.

Would someone help me focus (no punn intended) please if I list what he wanted?

Dual/Flip around screen
Long battery life (he's out fishing for days)
Remote control
between about 300 to 400.



Paul Nuttall
23-04-10, 01:40 PM
Hi Lee,

I've had a think and I struggle to think of a camera which ships with a remote control. However, when it comes to a camera which features a flip-out (vari-angle) LCD screen, you could do far worse than the Canon PowerShot G11 -


It really is a fantastic camera, features a great vari-angle LCD screen and the battery life is good as well - all for under 400. While it doesn't ship with a remote, you can readily pick one up for less than 10 if you have a hunt around the internet.

26-04-10, 08:31 PM
Hello Paul,

Thanks for your speedy advice.

I collected a load of info for my cousin on that camera and posted it (he's not on the net! - don't ask) and he told me it was a bit too technical for him as he is not a seasoned camera user.

hmmmm... !!!

He liked the following:-

1. the size
2 rotating screen
3 remote control option
4 battery life

... sorry to be a pain but is there a similar camera but with a lower spec that won't frighten him.