View Full Version : Fuji F70 - photo stitch?

22-04-10, 10:21 AM
Apologies in advance for the dumb question, I'm just checking something...

I've just bought a Fuji F70 camera, after previously using Canon and being happy with the Stitch Assist facility.

Now, I recognise the F70 has a wider angled lens, but I'd still like the option of doing some kind of photo stitching.

Can anyone recommend a good way I could achieve this? I don't believe the camera itself has a mode, but can I use some kind of software to get similar results?


01-05-10, 12:49 PM
I too have a Canon camera and photostitch. However, I never use it. I prefer to use Arcsoft's Panorama maker which is currently on version 5. See arcsoft .com for details. Price is $79.99 USD and you can download the program from their website.