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21-04-10, 12:13 PM
Me and my Fiancee are looking to buy a Compact camera we can share and take on holiday, We have a Pentax Optio W60 for taking photos in the sea etc but would like something with better image quality and features for our main camera.

Have been looking for a camera that would prefably be either a Sony / Nikon / Panasonic.

The features were looking for are.

* Easy to use and have a Intelligent Auto mode.

* Well built, prefably metal body not plastic.

* Good picture quality.

* Panoramic Mode.

* At least 4x Optical Zoom

* Must Take SD/SDHC Cards.

* Image stabiliser.

* A sports mode for fast moving animals etc.

* Macro mode

* And as slim as possible.

Looking to spend around 150 although cheaper the better but could stretch to 200 possibly.

A long list of want's lol so i realise might not get a camera that suits everything unless had a bigger budget but some general ideas would be helpfull :).

Thanks in Advance.

Paul Nuttall
21-04-10, 02:20 PM
Hi Smg-UK,

I've had a look through our testing records and a surf around the net for current prices, and you're right - it is difficult to pick a camera which meets all of your requirements!

The one camera that ticks all but one of your requirements is the Sony WX1 -


The camera features an intelligent auto mode, is very well built and offers 5x optical zoom, complete with image stabilisation and a 24mm wide angle.

The WX1 also feature a few of Sony's smart new imaging technologies; Sweep Panorama allow panorama capture in one simple movement of the camera, while handheld twilight and anti-motion blur shooting modes capture six images in one shot and blend them for sharp images in difficult conditions.

It's a pretty slim camera as well, at just 19.8mm thick. The only downfall being that it only take Sony's Memory Stick Duo / Memory Stick Pro Duo memory cards (ie. no SD / SDHC). It's also to the top end of your budget at around 200, but well worth considering for the amount of your requirements it meets.

Let me know how you get on.

Paul Nuttall
21-04-10, 03:04 PM
Also, check out our review here...