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07-04-10, 08:05 AM

I am a beginner and have recently bought a DSLR (Nikon D3000). I would like to do a digital photography course and would be grateful for any recommendations. I have had bad experiences with evening courses in other subjects (badly organised, poor equipment) and wondered if anyone could recommend any good practical courses?

Ideally, it would be a week-long or weekend course and could be anywhere in the UK (though Berkshire/ South-East / London preferred). I can use google too so I'm looking for recommendations from people who have actually attended a course or know of a very good teacher.

A couple I have found:

http://www.thephotographyschool.co.uk/ (hands-on)
http://www.thephotographyinstitute.co.uk/ (home learning)

Many thanks!


16-04-10, 03:46 PM
What Digital Camera runs home study photo courses for beginners: http://www.whatdigitalcamera.co.uk/techniques/courses.html but if you're after something practical I did a course at Zoom in Photography in London that was very good. It was over 3 evenings, but I think they do weekends as well.

It was for beginners and so only covered the basics but it was great to get feedback from others, and my photography really improved.