View Full Version : Which Compact Camera should i get??

30-03-10, 07:17 PM

I can't decide whether to buy the Fuji F70 EXR??? or another compact camera? :confused:
maybe the sony wx1? or a canon? or something else if recommended.

I am after a fantastic compact camera, especially the image quality, will be using it for point and shoot photos, as i have a Canon DSLR for manual.
I do use my compact as much as my dslr and print alot of my photos, i will be taking alot of the photos on the beach, aswell as other outdoors and then indoors (low lighting).

Can you advise the best compact about at the mo?? budget 350 tops.

I just can't decide?! :confused:



31-03-10, 09:14 AM
I can heartily recommend both the WX1 and F70 EXR, as the sweep panaoramic on the former is a fantastic feature and the images are excellent, and the low light performance and image quality are equally as good on the F70 EXR. At that price range there's also the Canon Powershot S90, which has manual controls, produces excellent images and is built to withstand plenty of punishment.

What attribtes are you looking for specifically for the compact? My personal preference for a simple, straightforward point-and-shoot camera of those three models would be the Sony, as it has the afore-mentioned Panoramic sweep feature (which has been heavily featured in the advert (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIbMfb3T20Y)), HD movie mode, 5x zoom and is impressively compact. This isn't to say that the other two are bad in any way, I simply prefer the Sony after using it.

Are you looking for any particular features? I'd also recommend handling the three models before making a purchase.

31-03-10, 08:42 PM
Hi Matt,

Thank you for your response, i guess what i am looking for out a camera is to get equally as good image quality on low lighting photos as to outdoor (especially beach) photos too. I love the idea of the sweep panorama feature on the sony, however i do keep reading about problems of a shadow problem on some photos. Because i have my dslr for full manual control, i love to just point and shoot with the compact camera, but hope for near perfect quality shots, big ask i know!
I have read some good reviews on the lumix tz6 & tz7 too and like the sound of the fuji f70, ur review sounds pretty good on that one.

So confusing, everytime i choice which compact to buy , i read a bad review on it...lol :rolleyes:

I keep changing my compact camera, as i get frustrated that i am not getting the reults i want, the last few i have bought have been from the canon ixus range, but have been slightly dissapointed with them. So i think i want a change from Canon. Just trying to find the best one out there. Am open to any make?! :confused:


01-04-10, 11:15 AM
I'd recommend the F70EXR in that case. It's got some extremely impressive low light capabilities and is generally a well-built compact with some excellent features. The TZ series are excellent, but I think the Fuji just pips them on low light performance.

Many thanks,


05-04-10, 02:40 PM
Hi, i am also considering the F70 mainly for its low light capabilities and the review given to it in wdc magazine, was looking up deals earlier and noticed the F80EXR is released later on this month http://www.digitalpixels.net/2010/02/photo-gear/fujifilm-finepix-f80exr-camera/ can pre order for under 200, i think we have a winner! any thoughts??