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29-03-10, 08:58 PM
Hi all I really need help as this camera lark is a minefield and I'm starting to drive myself nuts !!

I have a beyond gorgeous baby who cries alot, however my wife has been constantly nagging on about taking him to a photographer for some portrait pictures.
A friend of mine suggested that I could achieve equally good results myself if I bought a nice camera and software.
I really like the idea of this and I feel like Ive got an alright eye for taking a nice pic.
Could somebody please please please help me in picking a camera which would take good portrait pictures inside/outoors with a view to be more ambitious and arty too?

Dont want to spend more than 400 really.

Thank you very much in advance.

30-03-10, 09:31 AM
Hi, and welcome to the forum! :-)

You've got a couple of options for around the 400 mark, either in a low-end DSLR or high-end compact. There are plenty of good deals floating around on the likes of the Olympus E-520 (http://origin-www.whatdigitalcamera.com/equipment/reviews/digitalslr/507/1/olympus-e-520.html), Nikon D5000 (http://origin-www.whatdigitalcamera.com/equipment/reviews/digitalslr/1164/1/nikon-d5000-review.html) and Canon EOS 1000D (http://origin-www.whatdigitalcamera.com/equipment/reviews/digitalslr/656/1/canon-eos-1000d-review.html), all of which are well worth a look. If you aren't interested in manual controls or interchangeable lens the Panasonic TZ10 and Sony HX5 are well worth a look, as they both have long zooms, simple controls and HD movie recording capabilities. The Canon Powershot G11 (http://origin-www.whatdigitalcamera.com/equipment/reviews/compactcameras/27287/1/canon-powershot-g11-review.html) is a combination between the two, offering manual controls and an impressive zoom in a compact body. Were manual controls important?

Many thanks,


05-04-10, 12:01 PM
Matt thanks for the reply.
Ive been into jessops and had a fiddle. I told the guy what Ive been recommended and he has swayed me towards the the 450D they have a package with twin lens, bag, tripod and memory card for 700...but then I thought if I'm paying that much am I better off getting the 500D as it has a higher spec and build the accessories up as I need them !!
Without exaggerration I am dreaming of cameras now its getting to the point where I need to buy it asap as its driving me mad...plus my boy is getting older and I am missing out !!
Could you please tell me if its worth getting the higher spec 550D or will the 450D give me great results now and grow as my skills grow?? Now a friend has recommended a Nikon...Im going to hang myself !!

Thanks again in advance.

07-04-10, 07:55 AM
Hi I always had a 35mm slr when my kids were growing up and i got some great shots of them with it, but in todays digital world you can get great pictures with compacts which are a lot easier to carry around, i think it depends on your knowledge and skill what type of camera you would best be suited to. I think i would look at the canon g11 it easy enough to carry around and if you need to it has all the manual controls you will need.

07-04-10, 10:21 AM
I'd say the 450D is well worth investing in if you can find it for cheaper, but the 500D has the added benefit of HD video. Both are superb, and I'd probably edge you toward the EOS 500D.

Nikon do make some superb cameras, and at that level they're quite similar, but my own personal preference at that price point would be for Canon.

25-04-10, 06:22 PM
If you can afford it go for the higher spec Canon and the video will be useful as your baby grows up. Its better than getting the cheaper one and then spending months wishing you had got the other - I now have 2 when I should have just got the more expensive camera to start with. You will grow into it and there will be loads of help on the forums if you get stuck. Good luck with whatever you choose.