View Full Version : DSLR or compact??

29-03-10, 05:36 PM
I'm new to the DSLR range, I have been using a compact sony super steady shot DSC-H2 6mp for about 5 years now. Am wanting to upgrade either to a DSLR or another compact, my main focus for photography is safari wildlife and scenery-sunsets/sunrises/landscapes. I have looked at the D5000 any views???

30-03-10, 10:44 AM
Most DSLRs are an improvement over compacts purely because the chip is larger, metering and focusing are more accurate and the lens surface area is bigger, meaning the images will be far better exposed and sharper. There is a number of compacts which get as close as possible to being a DSLR without offering the likes of removable lenses, such as the Canon Powershot G11 or Panasonic LX3, but both are still limited in terms of the versatility a DSLR will offer. If you're looking to develop your photography skills further I'd say go with the D5000, but if having a simple-to-use camera which will easily fit in the pocket for the occassional snap one of the two models above would do you fine.

If you're settled on a DSLR the D5000 is certainly a decent model, but I'd also consider the Canon EOS 1000D and Pentax K-m, and also the Olympus E-520. All are of a similar price range but handle slightly differently, so I'd pop down to your local camera shop and try a couple out.

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