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29-03-10, 08:47 AM

I am looking for a new DSLR and have decided to go for a Nikon D5000. My Dad has now said he'd like to get a prosumer DSLR (he used to be a professional photographer in the days of darkrooms!) We thought we could get them at the same time so we can do a bit of a deal on them. It would also be sensible to have the same make so we can swap lenses etc.

I was thinking of suggesting that whilst I get the D5000 he could get the D90 or push the boat out for a D300s.

The only thing that concerns me is that both the D5000 and the D90 are coming up to being a year/18months old now and I wondered with the fast pace of technology if they were due to be replaced soon? Do you know any details of future replacement Nikon Models in this bracket? My fall back would be a D3000.

The alternative would be to go to Canon and get a 1000D or a 450D for me and maybe a 550D or 7D for my Dad but again are these models likely to be updated soon? (apart from the 550D which I know is new out).

I either want to make sure i'm buying the latest kit or if i'm buying an outgoing model then make sure I get a better price!!

As an avid reader of WDC, I'd hate to buy my pride and joy (having researched it for 6 months) and open next month's issue to find out it's being replaced! :(

Thanks and any info would be great.

29-03-10, 12:05 PM

thanks for the post. DSLRs have slightly longer shelf lives than compacts, sometimes being current between 1 and 2 years. We're expecting an announcement regarding new DSLRs from Nikon at some point in the future, because as you rightly pointed out that the D90 has been around for a little while as has the D5000. I would expect both to be replaced soon, but we haven't had any solid dates as to when.

The D300s, Canon EOS 550d and 7d are relatively recent so I wouldn't expect a replacement until next year. Even so, the D90 is an excellent model and worth a look regardless. If you're looking for a semi-pro model you'd be extremely happy with the D300s or 7D as both are superb. Are you looking for any particular features?

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29-03-10, 12:23 PM
Thanks for coming back to me Matt,

I am very very new to DSLRs (i've been looking since christmas and this will be my first step away from point and shoot) and am looking for an entry level camera which will take good quality pictures and have a simple enough menu system to get good results. I am tech savvy but not particularly familiar with the camera lingo. I like the way the Nikon's handle and the D3000 and D5000 seem to be a good compromise between value and image quality. I'm not so sure about the Canon's and the 1000D seems a bit old and awkwardly laid out. Are the Canon kit lenses better quality than the Nikon's? Is the 450D the equivalent to a D5000?

For the semi-pro model my Dad will need something which is relatively easy to use (he is more familiar with film cameras and video cameras) but which give him enough scope to change all the settings to apply his 40 years of experience. He's had a fuji bridge camera for the last couple of years and he's become very frustrated with it and could never get sharp pictures.

As he's got more budget, I was thinking that the D90 would be a good bet or if he can stretch to it a D300s or the Canon equivalent. I think he would like HD video and something which has quick and easy access to the main settings without too many menus.

Any suggestions?


29-03-10, 01:24 PM
I'd advise looking at the Pentax K-m, Canon EOS 500D/550D and Nikon D5000 for yourself. All three are excellent to use, and provide some impressive features. I'd try holding one before purchasing as the handling can make a huge difference. I wouldn't say the Canon lenses are all the better than the Nikon or vice versa, especially as most come with VR/image stabilisation features now. As I've recently reviewed te EOS 550D I certainly recommend that model, but if it's too expensive the EOS 500D is an excellent substitute.

For your Dad I'd edge him more toward a Canon model if video quality is important as they have the definite advantage over Nikon in that category, although the Pentax K7 also offers decent quality. The D90 is quite cheap right now and is a cracking camera on the stills side, but just be aware that there are better options in terms of video.



Eric the problem solver
29-03-10, 01:28 PM

Nikon cameras often have a better ergonomy than Canon cameras. Canon is comparable to Nikon in terms of image quality. Maybe the Canon entry level cameras are a little bit better than the Nikon ones.

Knowing this I can advise you Nikon because you need to have the same make as your father (Nikon semi-pros are really good) and the ergonomy is better.

I think the Nikon D5000 will have a successor end 2010, begin 2011. The Nikon D300s will have its successor in July or August 2011, I think.

I hope it will help you


PS: I can't speak English very well but I do my best.

29-03-10, 01:29 PM
Thanks for your advice Matt, that's great. :)