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24-03-10, 09:46 PM

I am looking for a wide angle lens for my D5000.

The application will be taking photographs of Audio Visual installations in living rooms, bedrooms, home cinema rooms etc, so a fairly wide angle is what is needed. The 18-55mm doesn't quite do the job.

Has anyone got any recommendations?


06-05-10, 08:54 PM
Look for a Sigma 10-20 - I found a second-hand one for 270 and am very impressed. If you are lucky, somebody with more money than sense will have upgraded to the new model and part exchanged an old one in good condition. You have to be careful if you use autofocus for anything beyond a few feet unless you have the focussing area set to centre/spot, but mine spends most of the time on manual focus and infinity anyway because I prefer a longer lens for close-up work.

07-05-10, 08:02 AM
Problem is, for the use you want I'm guessing that vertical lines and straight edges will be important to you.

You don't want distortion of the things in your photos...

The D5000 has a 1.5 multiplication ration of whatever range the lens is.

A Sigma 10-20 would be comparable to a 20-35 lens.

But... you'll get distortion.

I would suggest a prime lens which should give you less distortion. But there is a problem with that as well as to get a wide enough area you'll probably have to go for something like a 14mm lens and they are VERY expensive :(

16-05-10, 09:28 AM
I love my sigma 10-20 its a cracking lens.
With regards to the distortion I also love the cool effects you get with it but you can also minimize distortion by keeping the camera level with what your taking a pikky of.
To increase distortion move the camera up or down.
Good luck :)