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23-03-10, 10:14 PM
Need some advise????? :confused:

I am looking to replace my canon Ixus 860 IS with a new compact camera as i have been slightly disappointed with the image quality (especially in low lighting) and the LCD screen is not as sharp amongst other things. I usually go canon, however after this 860 ixus's disapointment i would try any other make.

My budget is 250 and i am really after the BEST image quality in a compact camera
I take thousands of photos, as a hobby, on holidays and especially close up ones of my 2 yr little boy and action ones too as he is rarely still.

Again i am trying to concentrate on the best image quality above everything really.

please helppppppp

Thanks :D

Nigel Atherton
24-03-10, 10:50 AM
We found the Ixus pretty good but pretty much all compacts struggle in low light due to their small sensors and tiny pixels. One of the better performers in this area is the Fujifilm F200EXR (http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/equipment/reviews/compactcameras/1053/1/fujifilm-finepix-f200exr.html) which has a larger sensor that can be adapted to optimise itself for low light, or to produce maximum dynamic range in low light. It's not much of a looker but it has a useful 28-140mm equivalent zoom in a body that's quite compact.
It was originally 200 at launch but it can now be found for half that (http://www.warehouseexpress.com/category/basecategory.aspx?cat03=3064&Brand=84&Range=1431#first).

If you can stretch the budget a bit more (to about 320 (http://www.warehouseexpress.com/buy-canon-powershot-s90-black-digital-camera/p1033070)) you can look at cameras like the Canon S90 (http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/equipment/reviews/compactcameras/127606/1/canon-powershot-s90-review.html) which feature a lot of manual control to help you get beter shots in trying conditions, which is part of the problem with point and shoots. Like the Fuji the S90 has a much larger sensor than the Ixus range and limits the pixel count to 10 million so the pixels are not so small as to be useless in low light.

PS: Our Dep Ed Mat adds that the Sony Cybershots that feature the companys Exmor sensor have pretty good low light performance, plus a special twilight mode that combines multiple exposures for low noise low light shots. The WX1 is about 265 (http://www.warehouseexpress.com/category/basecategory.aspx?cat03=3064&Brand=230&Range=1729#first).

24-03-10, 11:21 AM
Thank you for the reply. :)

I had been looking at the cameras you mentioned. Which is the best one between the fuji f200 exr and the f70 exr?? :confused:

Is the sony wx1 a good camera? as i couldnt find a review for it?

I already have a canon dslr camera and wanted the compact camera for more point and shoot photos.

Which do u think is the best image quality compact camera out there, especially on auto?

Thanks again :D

Nigel Atherton
25-03-10, 07:39 PM
We reviewed the Sony WX1 in the magazine but it doesn't seem to be on the website. We'll have to rectify that. It was well regarded and achieved a 90% score and a Gold Award. Its low light performance was commented upon in the review.

We have never done a comparison test of compacts for low light image quality but its a good idea and we'll do one in the next couple of months.

25-03-10, 08:35 PM
thank you again for your response,

few last questions...promise :rolleyes:

Which is the best camera out of the fuji exr f70 and the f200???? and how do they compare to the sony wx1?? i will be using the camera on auto setting mostly.

i just cant decide which to buy out of the 3 cameras above?????

hellllllllllp :eek:

cheers :D