View Full Version : Nikon 18-1-05mm or 18-200mm Lens ?

22-03-10, 04:21 PM

I am interested to purchase Nikon Lens. Can you suggest me which one is good?

1) Nikon 18-105mm OR
2) Nikon18-200mm lens.

I heard that 200mm is bulky but picture quality is good in it. Can experts put more light on it?

I have to use it on my Nikon D90.


28-03-10, 10:07 AM
Well i have tried the 18-200 vr I and the 18-105 VR , i choose for the last one due to better IQ and lesser weight and size ..

i am very happy with mine 18-105 DX ED VR IF SWM ..it works great on the D80 and D50

29-05-10, 06:31 PM
You could do is go to a dealer, try both lenses ,pop off the same shots with both.
Then go home and look at them on your pc. I did this with the Nikon 18-200mm and a 18-180m Oly lens. The Nikon shone out for me at least.
The extra reach of the 200 mm is very useful depending of course on what you want to photograph.
In my experience getting zoomed in to your subject always produces better image quality than having to crop a larger shot down.
I have won photo competitions with my 18-200mm and at the last one the judge thought that I had used a macro lens but in fact I had zoomed in to a Molusc in a tree.The only downside with the 18-200mm is the weight otherwise I love it.

30-05-10, 08:12 AM
The 18-200 is a great all round lens meaning you wont have to change it much.
Changing the lens less means less dust on the sensor.
There is a bit of a price difference as well with the 18-200 being quite a bit more.
If you go for the 18-200 try to get the VRII version as it has a lens lock to stop the zoom creeping.
You will be happy with both choices ;)