View Full Version : Ballroom Dancer & Outdoor Enthusiast

22-03-10, 03:30 PM
Need to buy Mom a camera . I am about buggy :eek:trying to find the right camera and stumbled across this wonderful forum. (SO Thank you in advance) Forgive my my -non-technical terms.

She dances ballroom - That means they are moving & there sometimes is low light. So something with fast shutter speed and auto flash.
Also she likes to take pictures of things outside - squirrels, birds and they're far away.
In addition to that she wants a camera that can take pictures of small things up close - as in butterflies, flowers or if she felt like taking a picture of a ring to get maximum detail.

She's a small person and doesn't want a large camera. Slim/fits into a pocket or purse.

Point and shoot would be best not too complicated.

A large screen display.

She would also like to be able to take pictures of snow and have you see the snow fall.

I like to blow up some of her pictures and currently am investing in a wide format stylus photo printer so cropping IS somewhat of an issue in the dance photos.
Would like to stay around or under $250 -

Looked at Kodak Z915, and the (not yet out) Sony DSC-H55 - But up for suggestions as I am lost.

Any advice would be appreciated. :)