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06-03-10, 04:48 PM
Hey folks

My beloved Canon has given up the ghost in the form of a lens error, and I need to buy a new compact digital

My budget is around the 200 mark, and I started looking at the Panasonic TZ7, and then had a glance at the Canon PowerShot SX200 - but not mad keen on the pop up flash, as I do a lot of travelling and know it would get knocked sooner or later.

I like the idea of:
- a c. 25mm wide angle, HD video, c. 10/12x optical zoom.
- a fairly fast lens!
- something that performs well in bright and in low light
- something that gives good colours (some previous cameras' photos just seemed so washed out) - now I recognise I'm not going to get DSLR colours, but something close would be good!!

RAW isn't something I know a great deal about, and I'm guessing I won't be able to buy a camera that shoots raw on my modest budget

As you can probably tell from my message, I'm not the most technical person, but I'm learning - I'd be really happy to receive any advice, and thanks very much in advance


Chris Cool
06-03-10, 07:17 PM

The TZ7 is over your price budget by 19.99 :( :) (Search Google)

There is nothing in its class to beat it - I shoot with one and it's amazing! :cool:

Full review here (http://www.trustedreviews.com/digital-cameras/review/2009/03/21/Panasonic-Lumix-DMC-TZ7/p1)

See my post on AP showing the zoom range (http://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/forums/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/801015/an/0/page/1#801015)

However, if you could drop the zoom down then you could buy the Fuji F200 EXR (which has a bigger sensor and is very good in low light) for around 155

Full review here (http://www.trustedreviews.com/digital-cameras/review/2009/04/28/Fujifilm-FinePix-F200-EXR/p1)



Nigel Atherton
10-03-10, 03:20 PM
Your shoping list does sound very much like a description of the TZ7!
We're doing a group test of the latest cameras in that bracket next month inc TZ10, Canon SX210, Nikon S8000, Sony HX5. They'll probably all be over your budget but it may be worth reading. If you can hold out for a month or two before buying prices will come down a bit on the new models.
Otherwise you should be very happy with the TZ7.

10-03-10, 07:40 PM
Hey guys

Thanks very much for your advices

I'm quite intrigued about the new batch... especially if the SX210 doesn't have a popup flash!!

Thanks again,