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alan stanley
05-03-10, 10:04 PM
Got a panasonic tz7 for christmas. The camera had little use and on 28th Feb 2010 it was being used in replay mode when the lcd screen went down. Comet have refused a refund and intimated that panasonic are refusing to accept these repairs claiming misuse. Search of the internet shows this is a common problem. To such an extent that kits are being sold on E Bay for the repair. Appears it may be a design fault in that interior workings impact the screen from the inside and cause the lcd to fail. There is even a video showing how to repair the problem. The camera has only been treated with kid gloves and transported in the proper panasonic case. Camera is now at Panasonic for assessment. Any others with the same problem ?

Also before purchasing this model do a search on net for more information. Also consider carefully where to purchase it from as Comet have not been at all help full.

Chris Cool
05-03-10, 10:41 PM
Hi, I've heard of LCD's going down on all makes of camera, not just TZ7's :(

The first thing to do is to contact Panasonic and let them see it as you have done. I have heard of them repairing the screens for free :)

If you get no joy then look at your contents policy and see if you can claim for accidental damage.

I shoot with a TZ7 and I sometimes put it in my pocket without the case when moving from scene to scene but the pocket is empty of keys, change etc.

Anyway, good luck with your claim and do come back and let us know the outcome.



PS. I looked at the repair video and thought I would attempt it if all else fails, but I wouldn't want to :(


20-04-10, 10:47 AM
hi all new to this site,looks good...i have had the screen ink up 3 times in 1 year since new,i am always snapping away in all sorts of places and I'm afraid if you don't treat this model with kid gloves you will have the same problem one day, like me when you need it most..fare does to panasonic they fixed it twice + collected and returned but the 3rd time they said no...so i got a replacement screen off eBay, 30 . 00 and fixed it myself,you can see the fix video on you tube...this is a problem that they need to sort out its the loss of photo opportunities that annoys me...I'm about to try a screen shade from jessops 20.00 , looks promising,so will let you know how it goes