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23-02-10, 08:41 PM
OK so I think I've settled on getting the Nikon D90, but don't know which memory card will be best for, can anyone suggest 1 please? Will the Sandisk Ultra 8gb be good enough?

23-02-10, 10:24 PM
Make sure you get at least the ULtra III version.
These are really the minimum speed to go for now.
The prices have come down a lot, and the ultra IV and extremes are better, but the price does go up.
Make sure to get a couple of cards - filling them is easy!

24-02-10, 07:14 AM
I'd get the cards from 7dayshop or mymemory as they will be a lot cheaper as well.

30-03-10, 01:48 PM
On the subject of memory cards - is it only worth getting the SanDisk ones or are other brands just as good?

Is it a good plan to keep away from own or unknown brands such as Jessops, mymemory2go and pretec etc? They often offer the best value but concerned that they aren't very reliable.

For a D5000 what class would you recommend? 4, 6 or 10?

Thanks :)

11-04-10, 12:59 PM
you do not need to buy sandisk , i use kingston , sandisk , silicon power for my D80

the higher the class number the higher the transfer of data.
just buy sdhc card of high class and high capacity

22-05-10, 07:45 AM
It also depends on what you plan to shoot.
If you shoot sports or anything with fast action where you might use burst mode then you will need faster cards.
For the D80 which uses SDHC cards go for class 6.
Myself I dont use burst mode very often so speed is not that relevant so you can buy cheaper and slower cards ,even though I dont need the speed I still buy class 6, not the expensive Sandisk extreme III's whichI first bought but play.com's much cheaper own branded cards which havent failed me yet.
With a cheaper brand you can stock up with cards but I advise buying the smaller 4GB cards in case there is a problem you wont lose too many pictures that way.