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09-02-10, 11:17 PM
hi i know it bit similar to my other post but just want to get my choice spot on as it involves money lol

Sony have built in image stabilizer in the body
were as Nikon have there is in the lens what is better as to buying extras lenses

who will be cheapest over the long run with out loosing quality

say a Sony 55 by 200 or 55 by 300 or 18 by 200
and same for Nikon if some one could give me some example prices i have looked but there that many with that many different numbers after the lens iam a bit confused with it all
so could some one brake down just a few lenses for me to help me make my mind a bit better

with the Nikon to have vr on the lens as well thanks

Mike Lowe
12-02-10, 01:21 PM
Depends how many lenses you intend to purchase really. A lot of users won't end up with *that* many lenses in reality. The difference for a single or two lenses is negligible, for more it's a different story. Then again, manufacturers' names carry a premium as does better optical quality, irrelevant of IS (though this'll add an extra wedge of cost).

12-02-10, 02:18 PM
Please keep this conversation to the thread you have already started (http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1221)