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An innovative take on the tripod

Pros: Stable, sturdy and very simple to use without losing too much versatility
Cons: No quick release plate or spirit level

The Ergorest Multi Tripod is one of an increasing number of supports that barely qualify as a tripod, but somehow manage to serve an important purpose anyway. The two-section system doesn’t make it as versatile, but the usages stretch far beyond providing stability on an even surface.
The Multi Tripod can clip onto a number of surfaces, including a person, and allow a camera to take level images. Like most tripods the design and construction is simplicity itself, being an A-shaped section to provide stability and an L-shaped section to support the camera. There are three holes available in the L-shaped section for the tripod bush screw to emerge through, allowing the camera to sit at a variety of angles. The fact that the screw can be retracted or extended means the camera can sit slightly higher off the surface, although the lack of any kind of quick-release plate means removing the camera can involve plenty of unscrewing.
The two sections of the tripod are joined by a lockable hinge that can be screwed into place. A handle on the outer edges allows it to be adjusted from various angles, making it simple to alter without knocking the camera. The legs can move over 180 degrees, so the Multi Tripod can attach to numerous surfaces. A small cut in the foot of the L-shaped section is intended to attach the tripod to a car window, which works surprisingly well, although use as a shoulder support is less successful.
Being of chunky build and with plenty of versatility, the Ergorest Multi Tripod is better than most table-top models, and even though the expensive price may put some consumers off, those wanting a steady unit can’t go far wrong.


An interesting take on the tripod, and not without it's quirks

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