Giottos 8970 Carbon Fibre Monopod

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Giottos Carbon Fibre Monopod 8970

Review of the Giottos Carbon Fibre Monopod 8970

Pros: Foot support, carbon fibre construction, packs up small
Cons: Fairly expensive

Manufacturer: Giottos
Model: Carbon Fibre Monopod 8970
Price: £87

Not only is the Giottos 8970 made from carbon fibre, but it also has an added spring-loaded foot support at the base. Basically, by pulling down the foot support, and standing on it, you add extra stability to your monopod and camera.

The four-section leg extends to up 75 inches (190 centimetres) but packs up small at just 24.7 inches when collapsed. Like all Giottos monopods, the foot is a rubberised ball foot, allowing easy tilt. It also comes with a tool kit, a hex key, and a handy carry bag. An interesting spin on an otherwise uninspiring but essential photo tool.


Providing ample extension and easily carried, the Giottos 8970 is a well engineered and reliable monopod.

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