Slik Monopod 350

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Slik Monopod 350

Review of the Slik Slik Monopod 350

Pros: Sturdy yet light in weight
Cons: Taller users will still need to bend down to use it

Manufacturer: Slik
Model: Slik Monopod 350
Price: £30

The 350 is both sturdy and very light, which over the course of a day's carrying could prove a real advantage. Judging by the girth of the barrel, it is aimed at DSLR users with a heavy lens. The four sections help the 350 fold down to 51cm without a head.

It has a good foam grip - useful if shooting in cold conditions - with the locks easy to open and firm when closed. The 350 extends to a maximum 63in (160cm), although anyone over 6ft tall would still have to bend slightly to use it. One option could be to add a ball and socket head to the monopod to bring it up to a more comfortable working height.

Max. height: 160cm
Folded length: 51cm
Leg sections: 4
Weight: 300g


A well built monopod offering support for heavier DSLR camera/lens combinations.

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Overall Score 89%%