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Slik Slim Pod

Review of the Slik Slim Pod

Pros: Tilting head, easy to operate leg locks
Cons: Not really sturdy enough for DSLR owners

Manufacturer: Slik
Model: Slim Pod
Price: £25

Even just planting the foot of the Slim Pod on the floor makes it wobble, but this is partly due to the narrow gauge of the barrel. It does come with a head that tilts in one direction, but this is good enough to allow the user to move between portrait and landscape.

Like all the other monopods on test here there is a wrist strap to make it easier for carrying. The locks on the four sections operate smoothly to secure the height selected. Though the Slik Slim Pod is probably aimed at the compact camera user, it would benefit from an additional section to make it more compact for when travelling.

Max. height: 151cm
Folded length: 53cm
Leg sections: 4
Head: Yes
Weight: 290g


Offers some control over orientation, but geared towards compact camera users rather than DSLR owners.

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Overall Score 80%