Slik SBH-280 ball head

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Slik SBH-280 tripod ball head

Review of the SBH-280 tripod ball head

Pros: Rotating base for panoramas, spirit levels
Cons: Cork covering could perish, good value

This anodized aluminium ball head features a single, large knob to release and lock the ball. The head can turn on its base for panoramic movement (though this is not independently lockable) and there's an easy to- read degree scale provided for this.

Dual axis spirit levels help keep things straight and there's a quick-release plate, though the cork covering isn't as durable as the rubber of the others here. In use it's fairly loose and floppy when unlocked, with no easy way to increase the friction. It's quite rigid when locked, though its load capacity is not as great as the other models on test here.

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