Slik Pro 330DX with SH705E head

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Slik Pro 330DX tripod & SH705E head

Lightweight tripod with impressive load capacity

Pros: Good value, comes with head
Cons: Plasticky leg locks not the most solid

Slik has a history of producing good-quality tripods, more often than
not complete with heads, at an affordable price - whereas some of the
more affordable tripod companies substitute quality materials with
their lesser equivalents, so you ultimately get a lesser product.
However, this isn't the case with the Pro 330DX. The compact tripod is
made of Slik's exclusive Aluminium Magnesium Titanium alloy, making it
comparatively light at a little over 1.5kg, yet still strong, boasting
a maximum capacity of 4kg. The tripod stands at just 60cm when closed,
but offers a maximum operating height of 1.6m thanks to its 36cm
extendable centre column.

The tripod features three leg
sections, and as such two legs lock - the top leg section features felt
foam covers for both keeping the legs warm and for comfort when
carrying, which is a nice feature, though the leg locks are a touch
plasticky and I doubt their credentials for lasting the test of time.
The same can't be said of the rest of the tripod, however, with quality
present in the leg angle adjustments and screw points, and while the
legs may not be the most rock solid available, they're more than
adequate for most tripod tasks.

The tripod comes with Slik's SH705E pan and tilt head as standard, boosting the value even more. \n


All in all, the 330DX is a good value tripod package.


All in all, the 330DX is a good value tripod package.

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