HP G3010 review

Review Date : Mon, 5 Nov 2007

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HP G3010

The HP G3010 scanner offers 4800 x 9600 DPI resolution, enough for slides and negatives as well as photos.

Pros: Reasonable reflective scans, well constructed.
Cons: Extremely slow film scans, awkward control software.

Nothing New 

The HP G3010 is utterly conventional – indeed, it resembles several HP scanners we've have tested in the past few years. And it doesn’t offer any startling innovations. It’s one of the bigger units available, but it has pleasant styling and is well constructed.

Performance and Image Quality

In use, the G3010 isn’t particularly quiet but it’s not too noisy. Speed is on a par with the other units in this category in terms of reflective scans, but a film scan at 1600ppi takes nearly ten minutes. And the wait wasn’t particularly worth it, with soft results, though respectable colour.

As usual with HP scanners we found the HP control software too unconventional for comfort and we couldn’t get TWAIN working under Windows Vista.

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Overall Score 80%