HP G4050 review

Review Date : Mon, 5 Nov 2007

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HP G4050

HP's G4050 flatbed scanner employs a novel two-pass technique to extract maximum detail.

Pros: Build quality, fundamental scan quality is good.
Cons: Speed, poor control software, large design.

Desk Dominating 

If you like your scanner to dominate your desk, the G4050 could be for you, being easily larger than the already-big HP G3010 we've tested. Inside the big box is a unique scanner CCD that is sensitive to six colours instead of the usual three (red, green and blue). This mode is switched off by default and the reason is a major increase in scanning time once it’s turned on.

Performance and Scan Quality

Scan quality is already quite good in standard mode and we couldn’t see a major pay back for the long waits in six-colour mode. Film scanning takes ages too and for a scanner of this price we’d expect classier film frame previewing and selection facilities.

The G4050, ultimately, promises much but doesn’t deliver a great deal extra.

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Overall Score 85%

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