Canon LiDE 600F review

Review Date : Mon, 5 Nov 2007

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Canon LiDE 600F

The Canon LiDE 600F film and photo scanner benefits from an amazingly low profile and sports a detachable film scan module.

Pros: Design, ease of use, USB-powered, film scans.
Cons: Film scan unit needs careful handling.

Low Profile

The Canon LiDE 600F is amazingly low profile thanks to its CIS (Contact Image Sensor) mechanism, and sports a detachable film scan module. It’s portable and requires no mains power supply as it obtains all its power via its USB port. It has a raft of one-touch external controls and is quiet in operation.

Scan Quality

Reflective scan quality is good, if not quite top notch, and scan speed is the same. There is no waiting for a lamp to warm up too. The film scanner unit is very good, even featuring hardware FARE Level 3 dust and scratch removal, though the film unit feels rather delicate in use and excessive use of dust and scratch removal can result in a painted-like quality.


Overall, this is a superb all-rounder at a give-away price.

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Overall Score 90%