HP Photosmart 3210 review

Review Date : Mon, 1 May 2006

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HP Photosmart 3210

An HP all-in-one that has film-scanning capability..

The HP Photosmart 3210 is an interesting product for a couple of reasons. First, it is one of just two all-in-ones in this group test that offers film scanning capability and, second, it uses new HP’s single colour ink cartridge and separate print head system, including light ‘photo’ magenta and cyan inks. Benefits include faster printing through the use of a more sophisticated and wider permanent print head and less ink wastage. One issue with HP photo printing that remains, however, is that of prints taking a long time to dry, the benefit being longer lasting colours, though less shiny glossy prints. The 3210 is certainly fast and, at just over three minutes, was comfortably the quickest to deliver an A4 borderless photo. Photo print quality is good, but lack of definition in some areas of heavy colour is a problem. Experience tells us that this can be remedied through printer profiling. Scanner results showed good colour and grey neutrality, but over-sharpening, though this can be adjusted. Stowing of the film scan holder in the scanner lid is very neat, but the film scan control software is not and results were unremarkable. The 3210 has potential.


Printing is fast, and print quality is OK rather than stunning, with poor detail in areas of deep red. Film scanning is welcome but it’s not as good as Epson’s. Overall, worth considering.

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