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Aquapac DSLR

A cheap alternative to a DSLR underwater housing

Pros: Cheap, simple to use alternative to expensive housings
Cons: Difficult to use the camera through the casing, some moisture goes through

For those of us who can't afford to part with a few hundred pounds on a specific waterproof housing for our gear the Aquapac Submersible SLR Camera Case provides a budget option for underwater shooting.

Resembling a plastic bag with a lens protrusion the Aquapac is a low tech piece of kit, offering three turn locks at the top of the bag to seal the camera within the case and little else. This may not fill you with confidence prior to placing your DSLR within the casing and nor will the packaging, which offers warranty only for the case and not the products therein.

Once the case is locked the camera can still used, albeit in a limited fashion, although the barrier formed by the covering does make the smaller buttons and switches harder to use. Zoom is best used sparingly, as the surface of the case makes it difficult to grip the lens barrel, and live view is a must as pressing the plastic against your eye is uncomfortable to say the least.

In our test, which was under a tap rather than completely submerged in water, the test DSLR emerged from the casing slightly damp in the corners, showing a small amount of moisture made it through the seals. The limited instructions on the casing, which comprised of five illustrations and a few words of text, didn't offer much respite and nor did the limited online-based videos.


Doesn't provide the level of protection you'd expect, making it less than successful.

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Overall Score 60%