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lastolite trigrip

A three-sided reflector with easy-to-hold grips, the Lastolite TriGrip Reflector is an evolution of the humble reflector

Pros: Easy to carry, simple to angle into position
Cons: Grip feels slightly plasticy

A reflector is often only noticeable when it isn't there; adding subtle
redirection of light as well as dispersing and tinting the reflection
were necessary. Lastolite's TriGrip Reflector makes holding the
reflector far easier thanks to a large hand grip, so a human can be
utilized rather than a stand.

As a result of the grip the reflector
can be manipulated far more easily than when hanging from a stand. The
slightly plasticy grip is both left and right handed with a Velcro strap
to secure it around the hand. There are also two covers to add to the
existing diffuser, one being a gold tinted and the other silver. These
are slipped over the reflector and velroed in place, making it extremely
straightforward to make the necessary changes. Being a foldable
reflector it does collapse into an impressively small package, making it
capable of hiding in a camera bag. 


A superb, innovative product

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Overall Score 90%