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AverMedia EZ Photo Viewer USB 2.0

Review of the AverMedia EZ Photo Viewer

Pros: Fairly durable, easy to use
Cons: Paint flaked, transitions are limited and wouldn't work with some JPEGS

Manufacturer: AverMedia
Model: EZ Photo Viewer USB 2.0
Price: £40

The EZ Photo Viewer USB 2.0 from AverMedia is small, lightweight and apart from the paint, fairly durable.

There is no Scart connection.

Set-up is easy, but we found the help notes are limited.

The menu is simple though we didn’t find the controller intuitive.

You can then perform basic controls using the buttons. Display thumbnails on screen, zoom in, rotate and specify the time between transitions.

However, transitions are limited - for example, you can’t add effects like photo frames. It couldn’t read some JPEGS and doesn’t support xD but will read CF I/II, SD, MS, SM, MMC and Microdrive devices.

It is, however, USB 2.0 compliant as well as delivering S-Video and Video connectivity.

The EZ Photo Viewer comes with a remote control, batteries, CD,12v DC Power adaptor, composite cable and USB cable, and is 140x102x28mm.


Small, lightweight and handy but we did have some difficulties with it

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Overall Score 80%

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