Fujitsu Siemens P20-2

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Fujitsu Siemens P20-2

Review of the Fujitsu Siemens P20-2

Manufacturer: Fujitsu
Model: Siemens P20-2
Price: £433

Although we specified 19-inch panels, the Fujitsu Siemens Scenic View P20-2 actually sports a 20-inch display, and is the only monitor supplied that reaches 1600x1200 Native Resolution: olution. Despite the enhanced specification, the P20-2 is reasonably priced. You don’t get a USB hub, but the display can be rotated for portrait-mode viewing and this is complemented by software control from the PC. This unit was alone in using a Z-arm support for the display. It provides the most flexible positioning options, but does consume more desktop depth. The P20-2’s extra Native Resolution: olution certainly helped to subdue the harshness of panel dots when viewing sharp edged detail, although there was slightly more graininess to the display and less maximum contrast and brightness available. But with excellent viewing angle performance, overall, the P20-2 had the best display quality of the group if positioned in a room without over-bright ambient light.

Size: 20 inch
Type: Flat Panel TFT LCD
Native Resolution: 1600X1200DPI
Screen Finish: Non-reflective
Built-In Speakers: No
Rotating Portrait Mode: Yes
USB Hub: No
DVI?: Yes 15 PIN
VGA?: Yes
Viewing Angles: 178º, 178º
Dimensions: 400X444X277MM
Weight: 9.2KG

What Digital Camera Score: 91%

Jon Tarrant

Jon Tarrant

Former professional photographer and photography journalist, Jon has now put his physics degree to good use by becoming a physics teacher. He contributes technical features to WDC and is our primary lens tester, where his science background comes in very handy. He is the author of eight photography books on topics ranging from portraiture and lighting to Understanding Digital Cameras.

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Overall Score 91%