Fotospeed DWFB Platinum Gloss photographic paper

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Fotospeed DWFB Platinum Gloss

Review of the Fotospeed DWFB Platinum Gloss

Pros: Deeper blacks, more saturated colours
Cons: None to speak of

Manufacturer: Fotospeed
Model: DWFB Platinum Gloss
Price: Per Pack: £19.95

Fotospeed’s warm base Platinum Gloss seems like a contradiction in terms, but the paper is exactly what the label says: a creamy warm white base with a traditional unglazed-like gloss finish. I don’t recall any such paper from my darkroom days – I did use warm tone bromides, but on a white base, so this could have some novelty value.

Being a gloss finish, the benefits are very deep blacks and more crisp and saturated colours compared with other matte papers we've tested; this was backed up by a noticeably wider gamut space. As this is not a super-shiny high-gloss paper, unwanted reflections are not too much of a problem. Well worth a try. Like the da Vinci Fibre Gloss, this paper worked very well with the Epson R2400 K3 inks, with minimal bronzing.

Number Of Sheets In Pack: 20
Cost Per Sheet: £1.00
Weight (gsm): 290
Surface Coat Type: Gloss
Base White: Warm

An interesting paper that offers crisp, saturated colour. 

Deeper blacks, more saturated colours


None to speak of

What Digital Camera Score: 90%

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Overall Score 90%