Giottos Q.Ball Air-Blower

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Giottos Q.Ball Air-Blower

Review of the Giottos Q.Ball Air-Blower

Pros: Price, versatility, functionality
Cons: Not much

Manufacturer: Giottos
Model: Q.Ball Air-Blower
Price: £9

Dust. It has the uncanny knack of getting just about everywhere.

Thankfully, Giottos is well aware of the problem, and has developed the new Q.Ball Air-Blower, designed specifically to blow dust away.

Constructed from environmentally friendly rubber, the Q.Ball features a bulbous body which, when squeezed, sends a blast of air out of the nozzles, blowing away dust and dirt.

Where the Q.Ball differs from Giotto’s other blowing device, the Rocket Blower, is that it features a nozzle adjustable through 60°. While it may not offer too much difference to the Rocket Blower in terms of removing dust from a camera body, the Q. Ball’s adjustable nozzle is invaluable when cleaning a keyboard or other device.

An invaluable tool for cleaning your camera body, keyboard or in fact any device you want

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Overall Score 90%