Samsung GX-20 review


Similarities to Samsung GX-10

The GX-20 is, aesthetically, barely different from the Samsung GX-10. Outside of the increased size and resolution of the LCD screen, little has changed. The rear of the chassis houses embedded operational buttons to the left and right of the screen, with the useful ‘Fn’ button – allowing quick access to drive mode, ISO, white balance and flash controls – located conveniently for access with the thumb of your shooting hand.

A handy dial for selecting focusing points circles the operational D-Pad and ‘OK’ button, and the rear also offers quick
access to the AF control button, exposure compensation and in-camera shake reduction functions. Access to both Raw and focusing modes is provided by a pair of buttons within reach of the left hand, and a metering-mode dial on the top of the body completes a function-packed yet immensely intuitive interface.


One of the main features of the GX-20’s design that edges it into pro-spec territory is its weatherproofing. The GX-20 has managed to incorporate a total of 72 individual silicone-sealed weatherproofing locations, leaving you free to carry on shooting no matter what environment you happen to find yourself in.

LCD Screen and Live View

While the boost to the resolution of the LCD screen is welcome, it is still worth noting that the pixel count is lower than some other DSLRs in its group, like the Sony A700 (3in, 307k pixels) for example. Also, it is sometimes a struggle to accurately review images in bright light, with the LCD suffering from glare. The GX-20 also sees the introduction of live view, though the fixed, and slightly underspecified, LCD screen means that this is more of a tool for tripod-based work (due to the fact that framing the
subject can often prove problematic when trying to use a viewfinder in conjunction with a tripod).

Similarities with Pentax K20D

Despite the fact that Pentax and Samsung have effectively produced the same-specified camera, there are several stylisations that distinguish the pair. Whether it be the simple aesthetic of a subtler font, or the more major design decision to embed rather than emboss the buttons, the overall feel of
the GX-20 over the K20D is of a more sleek, professional and modern


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Design 18/20
Image Quality 18/20
Performance 18/20
Value 18/20
Features 17/20
Overall Score 89%