Panasonic Lumix GX1 review

Movie/Video Mode

Panasonic Lumix GX1 review - Movie/Video Mode

The Lumix GX1 offers a 1080i movie mode that captures at 50 fields per second (output at 25 frames per second for the PAL release or 1080i60 output at 30fps in the US's NTSC model). Like the G3 the GX1's choice to use interlaced capture (even lines are captured on one sensor pass, odd lines on the next pass) means the camera isn't the best for fast movement or panning during recording. This is because ‘tearing' can occur that shows subjects in a ‘two' locations - one that's a few pixels apart from the other for every other line of pixels. It's a shame Panasonic hasn't gone the whole hog and put in class-leading movie capabilities, particularly given the Sony NEX-series' inclusion of 1080p 28Mbps capture, though the GX1's movies are still good enough.

Movie focusing is dealt with smoothly, comprising of single (AF-S), full time (AF-C) or manual focusing options. The full-time focus is slower and smoother than stills shooting and this means it glides into place with ease when movie shooting.

The lack of a microphone port on this model is something of a surprise as the inclusion of a hotshoe and other high-end features would suggest additional audio capabilities would be on the cards. Sadly this is not the case. 
But what does make the GX1's movie mode that bit special is the camera's touchscreen. Being able to use a literal hands-on approach makes focusing between subjects far simpler than pressing buttons. The inclusion of the power-zoom 14-42mm lens (if purchasing that kit) also means you needn't twist the lens barrel when zooming and this pays dividends for steadiness when shooting handheld.

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