Nikon J1 Review

Nikon J1 Review - Value and Verdict

Nikon J1 Review - Value

The Nikon 1 J1 comes in a variety of kit options. With the 10-30mm zoom it's £549 (RRP) and the 10mm pancake it's £599. For £699 you can get the 10-30mm and 30-110mm twin lens kit. This makes the J1 competitive with rivals especially considering that the street price is likely to be a little lower. Although the J1's sensor is smaller than its competitors it does offer many features that they don't.

Nikon J1 Review - Verdict

Nikon's innovative CSC debut takes the growing convergence between still and video capture to the next level. The J1's minimalist design may not be to everyone's taste but its size and simplicity, along with its blistering speed, should chime with its intended audience. Its image quality is better than we have any right to expect from such a small sensor and good enough for most consumers, few of whom will ever make an A3 print and then scrutinise it with a magnifying glass.
On the other hand the J1 is only marginally smaller than Micro Four Thirds cameras that have a sensor twice the size, and demanding users will notice the difference in image quality, especially at higher ISOs.
A few aspects of the J1's operation are frustrating and the battery performance is frankly shocking, but overall Nikon deserves high praise for producing a camera that can take pictures that no other camera can, while its ability to shoot HD video and high-resolution stills simultaneously may be a clincher for young families.

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Features 16/20
Design 17/20
Image Quality 19/20
Performance 18/20
Value 17/20
Overall Score 87%

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