Genius Photo Frame DPF-T1000

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Can the Genius Photo Frame DPF-T1000 add anything to a crowded photo frame market?

Pros: Looks good, 
plenty of features
Cons: Slow to react, 
poor menus

The current glut of photo frames is slowly gaining a better semblance of parity as far as features are concerned. Instead of having a wide range across models, the likes of accepted memory formats and the ability to replay sound is at least becoming in some way uniform, and for the majority the Genius Photo Frame DPF-T1000 is an impressive performer.
For starters, a touch-sensitive frame runs down the right side of the display, each with its own tiny LCD light which flashes and pulses when the frame is being used. The number of memory cards compatible includes all the major formats, and video can be replayed so long as it's in the AVI format. Thanks to a single slot being used for every card barring CompactFlash, the back panel is both thin and clutter-free, although putting the slots at the base makes it awkward to pop a card in quickly. The USB slot is more accessible, and having a corner stand means the whole unit can be turned upright with minimum fuss. Annoyingly, the menu system doesn't change orientation in the same manner as the images, meaning the ability to read sideways or a 90° twist of your neck is required.   
Away from the specs list the performance isn't fantastic, as the touch-sensitive side isn't particularly responsive. Whether the software or hardware is at fault, the delay often leads to a second button press, at which point the frame splutters into life and a file is opened unintentionally. The inability of the menu to display most folder names isn't helpful either, nor is placing a Create Folder option at the top of any selection. 
Screen quality is relatively decent though, once the brightness has been toned down, and the small speaker can output some impressive volume. It's a shame the rest of the frame feels so decidedly rushed.


The frame feels rushed and poorly laid out in places, even if there are some decent features

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Overall Score 78%

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