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Samsung NX30 Review - Design

Samsung NX30 front angled

In terms of design, Samsung has taken the approach of making the NX30 more like a mini DSLR than some of its CSC competitors.

As a result, the model is a touch larger than its NX20 predecessor, although these increases in size are thanks to some welcome design additions.

One of the main examples of this is found on the camera's grip - not only is the front grip of the camera increased substantially, but the thumb grip on the rear of the camera has also been increased. As a result, the camera feels a lot more secure in the hand and easier to get a firmer grip over.

Samsung NX30 rear

Button movement

Further design enhancements include the rearrangement of the buttons on the camera in a way that makes for a more intuitive shooting experience.

This intuitive shooting experience is further enhanced by the presence of Samsung's acclaimed ‘iFunction' lens technology. This can be customised to any of a range of shooting settings which can then be adjusted by the lens ring.

The body also features an 'Fn' menu button on the rear of the camera, along with an 'Fn' tab on the camera's touchscreen display, and with all three you'll never be wanting for customisation options.

The only real gripe with the camera's design and build is the quality of the material from which the camera is constructed. Unlike than some of its magnesium alloy rivals the NX30 is constructed from a polycarbonate material that doesn't quite have the quality feel you might expect from a camera in this class.

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Features 19/20
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Image Quality 18/20
Performance 17/20
Value 18/20
Overall Score 90%

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