Samsung NX20 Review


The NX20 has come a long way from the NX10 and NX11. When the NX11 was announced there wasn't a huge amount to get excited about when comparing it to the NX10. The NX20 offers more innovative features to make it an attractive proposition. Slightly dubious as to how the Wi-Fi connectivity would perform, we experienced no troubles at all during our testing and shared images on social media websites without a hitch. It's a feature that we predict will catch on with other manufacturers and if we were to speculate it may become a feature within entry-level D-SLR's sooner than you might think.

It's not only the Wi-Fi functionality that makes the NX20 stand out in the CSC market. i-Fn lens compatibility is unique to Samsung and as mentioned earlier it may not appeal to all users, but it does make for an intuitive way of changing the cameras most commonly used settings. As the old saying goes, you'll either love it or hate it.

Detail and sharpness in our test images was very good and the handling can't be criticised. Buttons including the menu button are much better located to the right of the screen rather than at the top left of the body. We'd say the AF performance is an improvement on its forerunner, however we'd still prefer to experience less hunting in low-light conditions. Adding to this, we'd also like the option of positioning the AF point right into the corners of the frame.

The real question mark with the NX20 lies with its price and performance - it's very expensive and is a bit on the sluggish side when working quickly. Yes it's well made and feels like it'll last for a very long time but you could make a significant saving if you opt for an entry-level D-SLR or D-SLT instead. If a D-SLR really isn't for you but you'd like a smaller CSC that looks much like one, the NX20 is worth taking a look at. 

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Features 19/20
Design 18/20
Image Quality 18/20
Performance 17/20
Value 17/20
Overall Score 89%

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