Sony NEX-5 review


Sony NEX-5 product image Although compact-like in appearance, don't let the exterior fool you - the Sony NEX-5 produces class-leading images that outshine some stiff competition in the Micro System Cameras sector. Many will love its pick-up-and-shoot ease of use, though it's not without its errors - the lack of buttons for control and amount of menu digging required to adjust options may frustrate more advanced users. Otherwise the AF system is relatively fast and accurate and the variety of creative modes are all very accessible. However, for those looking for a more DSLR-like model with an electronic viewfinder and multitude of function buttons then the NEX may not suit; for those looking for the smallest camera of its type with HD movie capture capability and superb image quality then this is where the NEX-5 really hits the nail on the head.

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Features 19/20
Design 16/20
Image Quality 19/20
Performance 18/20
Value 18/20
Overall Score 90%

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