Canon EOS 7D Review


Canon EOS 7D review - Performance

Though it may not have the vast 51-point AF system of the Nikon D300s, the 7D's 19-point AF array is pretty impressive and covers the main areas well. Though all sensors are the cross type, only the central point features an f/2.8 sensor, as the rest are f/5.6 based. This means that the centre point still has increased sensitivity when used with lenses with f/2.8 apertures or brighter. Focusing was difficult to fault though, and the additional sensors really helped for tracking subjects - something that can be further customised for your needs.

The metering system demonstrated flawless performance, managing to retain highlight and shadow detail in almost all instances, only occasionally helped from a more specific metering mode or 1/3 EV compensation and still producing punchy images in low light too.

The high-speed burst mode on the 7D is a standout feature, offering a blistering eight frames per second. Using a Lexar 300x UDMA CompactFlash card this fired out 18 Raw files effortlessly, around seven Raw+JPEG files, and rather than the stated 126 JPEG files, managed an earth-shattering 358 shots before slowing. Individual write times are 1sec for a JPEG, 1.5sec for a Raw, and 2secs for a Raw+JPEG but have little effect when there's no hold up in the buffer for at least seven shots.

Battery life is listed at around 800 shots - pretty impressive, if 50 shots less than the 5D Mk II. Though expect less when using live view or shooting movies. It also features intelligent monitoring, providing percentage capacity, shutter count and recharge performance in the menu. Finally, the rear LCD is a joy to use; it's large, bright and almost reflection-free, making it ideal for outdoor use, and with the high resolution, makes checking focus really easy. Buy this camera now ! 


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Using the centre AF point allows increased accuracy with a lens of f/2.8 or brighter, and means you can quickly pull subjects out of busy backgrounds. Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8, 200mm, f/2.8, 1/200sec, ISO 500