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Review Date : Mon, 9 Jul 2007

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Samsung's S630 is not the best-looking compact, but it has several other features to recommend it

Pros: A bit chunky, No manual option
Cons: Utilitarian design, Menus not intuitive

Samsung’s S630 is not the best-looking compact in this round up, but has several other features to recommend it. It has a 6MP sensor, a 3x optical zoom and an ISO range of 80-400 which is slightly limited. It does have a manual option, for greater control of the camera, and the shake reduction is useful, especially when zooming.

There are 11 scene modes and selecting the right mode will improve your strike rate. There is also a host of options such as a movie mode, macro and special features such as a black and white option. Image quality is good although when blown up images do show noise in low-light conditions. Exposures are consistent over a range of subjects.


When buying a camera like this you need to bear in mind that they are the manufacturers’ entry-level models and they will lack certain features available on cameras with a higher price. Having said that, it offers value for money and some good features.

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