Nikon Coolpix S50c review

Review Date : Mon, 6 Aug 2007

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Nikon Coolpix S50c
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The 7.2-megapixel Nikon Coolpix S50c features Wi-Fi connectivity, Vibration Reduction and a 3in LCD rear display.

Pros: Optical Vibration Reduction, image quality, ISO range.
Cons: Wi-Fi has minimal benefit, menus not intuitive, LCD quality.

Vibration Reduction

The S50c has a 7MP sensor with a 3x optical zoom (38-114mm equivalent). The camera also benefits from Nikon's proprietary Vibration Reduction technology, which Nikon claims is like ‘shooting at a shutter speed three stops faster’. This, combined with a sensitivity range of ISO 100-1600, works to combat camera shake.


Unfortunately Wi-Fi can only be used on a computer installed with the dedicated software, so you aren’t able to upload from internet hotspots. This would really set the S50c apart and justify the extra cost over the non-Wi-Fi S50 model.

The multi-selector wheel on the rear combines with the menu and mode buttons to navigate through the options, but the menus are not intuitive, despite some good graphic displays. The wave body design is attractive, though unfortunately the 3in LCD screen on the rear is a bit contrasty and grainy. The rear wheel is plastic, which is a low-quality option that sits at odds with the rest of the camera’s design ethos.

Image Quality

Image quality is very good. There is no fringing to speak of and while noise becomes apparent over ISO 400, you shouldn’t have any problem printing an A4 print at this ISO. There is some lens distortion at the wideangle end of the zoom range, but hardly any at the telephoto end. The backlighting option is useful, but whether people using the camera will remember to use this is another matter.


Despite a few shortcomings, the S50c has a lot to recommend it – its image quality in particular. If the Wi-Fi option isn't something you envisage using, then going for the S50 instead will save you £40.

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